BeatsBase: a case study

By admin, posted on May 25th 2007

I’m pleased to say that one of my clients’ websites was launched a few days ago. BeaTsbase, a community site for DJs has been in development since January, and it’s been a pleasure to do. Not just because Robbie has been a fantastic client, but because projectGenie greased the wheels of our communication.

Some quick stats. During the BeatsBase project 29 individual tasks were created, with a total of 721 notes added. That’s in excess of 85,000 words, or 340,000 characters! Phew, no wonder my keyboard is acting strange.

projectGenie hasn’t been our only method of communication. There have been a few dozen emails and about 10 phone calls, but it’s carried the weight for most of the project. In fact using it so intensely has helped me to see several areas it could be streamlined, as well as lots of ideas for new features.

Anyway, if you’re a DJ then you need to check out BeatsBase. And while you’re there say hi to Robbie.

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