Nothing to report

By admin, posted on Sep 19th 2006

I currently have nothing to say. And while that may make me sound like the most boring blogger in the world, the fact is that just haven’t done anything with projectGenie worth mentioning.

I mean, you already know about the different looks for the software, the use of RSS technology and some other stuff, so I don’t need to repeat myself.

What I will say is that I intend to get rid of some of these features and instead do some of the basics much better. So that means easier ways to add projects and tasks, easier to-do lists and cleverer handling of different item statuses. Less meta-data, more information. Less, less, less. And of course all written around a completely new codebase.

And who knows, if I get time to do all that I might, one day, have something to say.

Hit me with your style stick!

By admin, posted on Aug 24th 2006

One of the nice features of projectGenie is its collection of skins, allowing you to flavour your software to your own taste. But small screenshots are rubbish, what you want is to see the real thing. And now you can.

Just visit the demo system and log in with the name of the skin you want to try out: 37genies, alert, appy, greenie, pillarbox (scrapped as of 02/12/2006) or ubuntu. The password is still ‘guest’ for all of these skins.

Alert skin screenshotSo, to try out the in-your-face Alert skin, you’d log in with the username ‘alert’ and the password ‘guest’. Try it, you might like it!

projectGenie demo “Anderson” now available

By admin, posted on Aug 23rd 2006

Finally, there’s a demo available. Log in at using the username ‘guest’ and the password (yes, you guessed it) ‘guest’ to see the projectGenie system in action.

Remember this is a very early version of the software, so there may well be bugs. If I tell you that this particular version is called "Anderson" and the next version will be called "Brookmeyer", will you be able to guess what unique naming convention I am using? Probably not, but I’m not telling just yet :0)

projectGenie website under development

By admin, posted on Aug 16th 2006

The projectGenie website is well on the way, with a few bits of tidying up like error pages and links being done. I’ve also updated the ‘about’ page to reflect some changes in my thoughts on money. Read the section from "How much does it cost?" onwards for more details.

I’m also making progress on the demo. The reason that’s taking a long time is because I want to make sure it’s a) relatively secure and b) capable of handling some neat features in the future. What neat features? Well, how about your very own version of projectGenie that runs from this website. So you don’t even have to set up a server yourself to get project managin’, just create an online account and away you go. That will be a subscription-based service designed for people that want fewer headaches and a more personal service. I’ll sort out the pricing soon, but I intend it to be very competitive.

Other things happening at the moment in projectGenie land include: "clean" URLs capability, coloured highlighting of due soon and late tasks and projects, and a much more detailed manual. All those changes will be in the demo version when I finally get it live. Thanks for bearing with me on that.

I’ll also be turning this blog into a proper comments-and-everything blog, but for now I just want to get the demo live. So I better get cracking.

Announcing projectGenie

By admin, posted on Aug 13th 2006

Welcome to! This website is here to help you learn about projectGenie, a new piece of Open Source software which helps web development teams (and anyone else with projects of pretty much any kind) manage their projects and tasks.

It’s a to-do list manager, scheduler, communication enabler, document store and client manager all in one. Check out the full feature list here. Sounds impressive? You ain’t heard nothing yet – it’s free. That’s right, download it here, no purchase necessary.

OK, I’ll admit the download isn’t available just yet, but it won’t be long. And if you’re desperate to try the software contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Right, I can’t stop here chatting all day, I have a website to finish!

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