Step by step writes the code

By admin, posted on Dec 18th 2008

Yes, too long etc. Anyway, things have actually Started (and I use a capital “S” because they really have started). I now have the beginnings of a framework for projectGenie that will allow people to develop their own themes, and even write plugins.

I’m being heavily influenced by the WordPress way of doing things, as learning from people that have trodden a road before is a wise thing to do. You’ll see the similarities if you’re familiar with the workings of WordPress (for example the projectGenie configuration file is called “pg-config.php”) and regarding themes you can of course copy the default one and amend it to your hearts desire.

As mentioned in my last post I’m going to make projectGenie an Open Source project, meaning anyone can download the full source code and amend it. Any changes must be released with the same license back to the community, then we all get to share the good times.

However that’s not going to happen just yet. Once I’ve got the basic system working with a simple plugin and theme architecture I’ll create a repository and put the details here. Until then I’ll try – I really will! – to keep this blog updated more often.

Moving forward, Open Source-ward

By admin, posted on Apr 14th 2008

OK, cards on the table time. I have very little time with which to work on projectGenie, although I have many ideas I’d like to see happen. While I’ve made some progress with the next version of ‘Genie (“Brookmeyer”) it’s not happening fast enough. I think there’s a market, if that’s the right word, for a system like projectGenie so I’m going to be making it an open source project.

However even that isn’t a two-minute job. I haven’t decided on which project hosting system to use (any recommendations between SourceForge and Google?) although Jon has been extremely helpful. And before it’s opened I’d like to get a framework ready so that developers can build easily on top.

In a nutshell here’s what I want for ‘Genie:

Plus a lot of cleaning up of the interface so projectGenie is even easier to use. It’s a lot to ask, but I hope by opening the source to the good citizens of the web we’ll be able to make something really good and useful for us all.

Time, and the lack thereof

By admin, posted on Jun 11th 2007

Hmm. Things didn’t go according to plan this weekend. There was such a lot of client work to do I didn’t get time to do anything on Brookmeyer, the new version of projectGenie Which means I’m badly behind schedule, which means I won’t meet the (self-imposed) deadline on Thursday.

It’s a shame, but then I did set myself an almost impossible task. The good news is I’ve made loads of progress by giving myself a really short amount of time to Get Something Done, and I’m fired up to get even more done very soon. So, hopefully, it won’t be long before I’m cutting the digital ribbon on a whole new version.

Until then, if you’re one of the people looking forward to trying out Brookmeyer, then sorry. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Making less more

By admin, posted on May 29th 2007

As you know, 37signals are big inspirations to me (hence my 37genies skin for projectGenie). A large part of their manifesto is “a belief in the beauty of less – features, options, employees, meetings, promises” (thanks Brian). Constraints are good, they cut out the clutter.

So I’m setting myself a constraints challenge. I’m limiting myself to just 16 days to get the bulk of the new projectGenie version ready for public use. That’s right, on June 14th (my birthday, by the way) version Brookmeyer will be live for playing with on this very site.

I’m not sure what features will make it, I’ll have to pick the ones that will make the most difference. Wish me luck 🙂

Pressing words

By admin, posted on May 13th 2007

And as if the recent flurry of excitement on this website wasn’t enough, there’s a lot more changes happening. In essence, is now running on the lovely WordPress blogging system. Which means, as it’s now much easier for me to update the site, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. Possibly.

Clocking in

By admin, posted on Apr 23rd 2007

Wow, it’s been nearly 5 months since I last wrote on here. What can I say, I’ve been busy. In fact I’ve been more than busy, I’ve been burning ever candle at every end I could find, but loving it (mostly!)

You may well be wondering what’s happening with projectGenie at the moment, and the answer is not much. I’ve added a few little updates to the demo site. In no particular order they are:

Not much, I know, but it’s something. For the ‘Brookmeyer’ version which hopefully I’ll get chance to work on some time this year, I’ll be rewriting the entire system to be much more modular, as well as incorporating my lovely JavaScript library to do all the eye candy stuff. I also want to give the option for clean URLs on servers that support it. And plenty more besides that, including reports, statistics etc. Goody goody. In the meantime please download ‘Anderson’, with the little tweaks mentioned above and watch this space.

To finish off I’ll share an excerpt from a nice email I got from a projectGenie user:

“First, major kudos for projectGenie! It is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to help me run my web design business.”

A spring clean

By admin, posted on Dec 2nd 2006

Yes, I know it’s nowhere near spring, but I wanted to have a bit of a shuffle round. SO I’ve redesigned the front page of projectGenie to be broken into 6 (5 if you’re a client) panes with a quick list of the recent changes to each data type in the system. That’s tasks, bugs, announcements, milestones, projects and (for the owner company only) memos.

Obviously that called for a bit of a change with the CSS files, and while I was doing that I noticed that the Pillarbox style was completely broken in Internet Explorer (surprise surprise). I’ve never really liked that style, it was only created because I thought I ought to have a red one, so I’ve scrapped it. That’s right – no more Pillarbox style.

Of course, if you want a red style then you’re more than welcome to hack your own.

Nothing to report

By admin, posted on Sep 19th 2006

I currently have nothing to say. And while that may make me sound like the most boring blogger in the world, the fact is that just haven’t done anything with projectGenie worth mentioning.

I mean, you already know about the different looks for the software, the use of RSS technology and some other stuff, so I don’t need to repeat myself.

What I will say is that I intend to get rid of some of these features and instead do some of the basics much better. So that means easier ways to add projects and tasks, easier to-do lists and cleverer handling of different item statuses. Less meta-data, more information. Less, less, less. And of course all written around a completely new codebase.

And who knows, if I get time to do all that I might, one day, have something to say.

projectGenie demo “Anderson” now available

By admin, posted on Aug 23rd 2006

Finally, there’s a demo available. Log in at using the username ‘guest’ and the password (yes, you guessed it) ‘guest’ to see the projectGenie system in action.

Remember this is a very early version of the software, so there may well be bugs. If I tell you that this particular version is called "Anderson" and the next version will be called "Brookmeyer", will you be able to guess what unique naming convention I am using? Probably not, but I’m not telling just yet :0)

projectGenie website under development

By admin, posted on Aug 16th 2006

The projectGenie website is well on the way, with a few bits of tidying up like error pages and links being done. I’ve also updated the ‘about’ page to reflect some changes in my thoughts on money. Read the section from "How much does it cost?" onwards for more details.

I’m also making progress on the demo. The reason that’s taking a long time is because I want to make sure it’s a) relatively secure and b) capable of handling some neat features in the future. What neat features? Well, how about your very own version of projectGenie that runs from this website. So you don’t even have to set up a server yourself to get project managin’, just create an online account and away you go. That will be a subscription-based service designed for people that want fewer headaches and a more personal service. I’ll sort out the pricing soon, but I intend it to be very competitive.

Other things happening at the moment in projectGenie land include: "clean" URLs capability, coloured highlighting of due soon and late tasks and projects, and a much more detailed manual. All those changes will be in the demo version when I finally get it live. Thanks for bearing with me on that.

I’ll also be turning this blog into a proper comments-and-everything blog, but for now I just want to get the demo live. So I better get cracking.

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