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The projectGenie software is built on a simple idea – that communication is the single most important thing for any project. So projectGenie helps you to communicate more efficiently by providing a single online place where all discussions about projects, tasks, bugs and clients can happen. A place where your team and your client can meet, talk and share files. A virtual office allowing seamless team integration, saving you time and effort.

Eh? But what does it do, in plain language?

OK, that was far too much like the waffle from a marketing department. Let me explain what projectGenie is about in real world language.

The projectGenie process

You have a client. They ask you to work on a project for them, so you add the project to projectGenie. The first task in this project is to gather some requirements, so you create a task called "Gather requirements" and assign it to yourself.

Traditionally at this point you would start making phone calls, sending emails, faxing questionnaires and visiting the client just to get some dialog going with them. No more. With projectGenie you just need to provide a login for each person you need to speak to (this is created automatically when you add that person as a contact) and invite them to chat.

The notes section – the heart of projectGenie

Your "Gather requirements" task has a notes section attached to it, which works just like an Internet forum, where each user can write messages which appear in a list. Just like a conversation. But that’s not all, you can attach files with your messages (image files will have a thumbnail automatically created) and look back over the notes at any time. The notes are even searchable, so if you remember that somebody wrote something, but can’t remember which task (or even which project) they wrote it in you can seach for it.

Of course, projectGenie has loads of other features wich you can read about below, but in a nutshell it’s this notes section making communicaion easy that is the hub of the entire system.

If you want to take a break here and try the software out or download it for free, then that’s fine with me.

Other projectGenie features

Please try the software out here or you can download it for free here.

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