About skins

Skins are a way to make projectGenie look how you want it to. In the same way you can buy different cases for your mobile phone to personalise it, you can choose to have a different skin for your projectGenie system. There are several default skins to choose from:

ProjectGreenie (default skin)

This is the default skin and is, as you might have guessed, green.

ProjectGreenie skin screenshot


Based on the colour scheme of a piece of desktop software, this skin attemps to blur the line between websites and desktop software.

Appy skin screenshot


Just in case you are managing projects for a nuclear power station or chemicals factory.

Alert skin screenshot


The fantastic free Ubuntu operating system is a favourite of mine, so I paid homage to it with this brown skin.

Ubuntu skin screenshot


The philosophy behind 37signals software has been particularly inspiring to me as a developer, so I am paying them the ultimate accolade by blatantly copying their popular Basecamp project management software (which you can read more about on the competitors page).

37genies skin screenshot

Other projectGenie features

Please try the software out here or you can download it for free here.

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