About RSS

RSS is a special file format based on the XML language which allows you to syndicate content from websites. While that sounds really complicated, it’s actually really useful.

An example

Let me paint you a scenario for projectGenie. You are the project manager for a large project, called "Large Project". While you don’t actually need to add notes very often to the project – the developers and technical contacts for the client are communicating really well already – you do want to be kept up to speed with what’s happening on the project. Logging into projectGenie regularly to see what notes have been added to your Large Project would be a laborious job, but fortunately you have a feed reader.

About feed readers

A feed reader is a piece of software that allows you to read RSS files (and other XML formats, too). However the feed reader does more than just show you what an RSS file says, it will regularly check each RSS file you are subscribed to for changes. That means you don’t have to keep checking a web page to see what’s changed, as your feed reader does the leg-work for you.

RSS in projectGenie

So, in projectGenie RSS files show the latest notes added to any project or task. It saves you time and effort, and that can only be a good thing.

And if you’re worried about security, don’t be. The projectGenie software uses an encrypted URL for the RSS file, which is never the same. So nobody will be able to stumble oonto or hack into your project information.

Other projectGenie features

Please try the software out here or you can download it for free here.

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