Keeping up with the Jones’

By admin, posted on Oct 22nd 2006

The masters of simple web-based software, 37Signals, are hard at work upgrading their information management software, Backpack. Actually, it’s not hard work for them as they use a ridiculously easy development framework.

So, what are they doing? Well, drag-and-drop ordering for one thing. Slick.

Is this the way of the future? Certainly it would seem so, but then drag-and-drop has long been a staple feature of desktop software but only recently been possible in a browser. Anything that new and cool is bound to seem really impressive. The fact is that we as web developers are still catching up with desktop developers in any number of important areas.

However, and this is why I love this job so much, we kick their arses in any number os ways, too. We write software that needs no installation, can be upgraded and patched at a single location, is usable by computers with very limited resources, can be accessed by mobile phones and PDAs, is instantly interoperable with millions of other software systems, and looks better than anything they can produce. So, drag-and-drop is a pretty nifty feature, but it’s the nature of web apps themselves that really turns me on.

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