A spring clean

By admin, posted on Dec 2nd 2006

Yes, I know it’s nowhere near spring, but I wanted to have a bit of a shuffle round. SO I’ve redesigned the front page of projectGenie to be broken into 6 (5 if you’re a client) panes with a quick list of the recent changes to each data type in the system. That’s tasks, bugs, announcements, milestones, projects and (for the owner company only) memos.

Obviously that called for a bit of a change with the CSS files, and while I was doing that I noticed that the Pillarbox style was completely broken in Internet Explorer (surprise surprise). I’ve never really liked that style, it was only created because I thought I ought to have a red one, so I’ve scrapped it. That’s right – no more Pillarbox style.

Of course, if you want a red style then you’re more than welcome to hack your own.

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