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By admin, posted on Dec 18th 2008

Yes, too long etc. Anyway, things have actually Started (and I use a capital “S” because they really have started). I now have the beginnings of a framework for projectGenie that will allow people to develop their own themes, and even write plugins.

I’m being heavily influenced by the WordPress way of doing things, as learning from people that have trodden a road before is a wise thing to do. You’ll see the similarities if you’re familiar with the workings of WordPress (for example the projectGenie configuration file is called “pg-config.php”) and regarding themes you can of course copy the default one and amend it to your hearts desire.

As mentioned in my last post I’m going to make projectGenie an Open Source project, meaning anyone can download the full source code and amend it. Any changes must be released with the same license back to the community, then we all get to share the good times.

However that’s not going to happen just yet. Once I’ve got the basic system working with a simple plugin and theme architecture I’ll create a repository and put the details here. Until then I’ll try – I really will! – to keep this blog updated more often.

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